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The Musician's PlaceTo Shop!

If you are looking for Christian Musicians this is the place.

Email me to place an ad at 


Please include:

What you are looking for in a band member(s),

your location, email address

and a contact person.

Please make it  no more than 75 words.

I will try to post within

1 weeks of receiving the email.

If you no longer need an ad,

please email me and inform me.

So I can take it off. This is a free service.


Keep those ads coming. Thanks to all of you that keep submiting new ads. We still need the word out about his site though. If you could help me out by linking me from your site. Email  placeanad@briankinnaman.comand I'll send you a banner. We could even do a banner exchange if you'd like. I also have a bunch of rare Christian CD's for sale CLICK HERE FOR LIST Thanks for making this site work.

In His Service,

Brian Kinnaman

New ads as of



Christian modern rock group JC Groove is looking for a temporary guitarist/ sound man. The group will be showcased to major labels in March in nashville, expected to be signed by this summer and might be looking for  a new guitarist to go on tour in the fall. Auditions are being held next month for those between the ages of 19-23 for anyone that has experience with guitars, sound and the desire to play Christian music as a profession. The groups sound is similar to Bleach, Switchfoot, and of coarse the rest is their own style.

Area: SW Michigan /Phone 616-471-4185 /Contact  Kevin Deans or email           

We are called Peace Creek Township.  Located in Northeast Missouri, near Kirksville.  We need a bass player.  We play worship/praise, and blues/rock.  We consist of a guitarist/vocalist, harmonica player/ vocalist and drummer.  E-mail Jeff Jordan at or call (660)239-4332.

New music ministry forming.  Looking for musicians ages 16 - 20.  Nattional and international travel, ministry, multicultural experience and education is part of the program.  Based in upper midwest.  Directers are experienced in all of the above areas

320 243 5004 or 320 214 8188 Gary Condon




We are seeking a lead guitarist for a Christian
Hardcore Band. We are based in the Miami-Dade/Broward
County Florida Area. Are you a dedicated Christian
that loves Hardcore Music and that has the vision of
spreading the message of God? If so check this out.
You must be in your 20's, must have your own
and must be responsible and committed.
Influences include...P.O.D., PAX 217, BEANBAG,
If seriously interested contact:

Alex- (954)966-5497


Lead Singer Available: Hey my name is Jordan, I am the former leadsinger of ic3, an alternative christian rock band from Seattle, God has clearly called me to major ministry in the LAST DAYS, and I am looking to join up with people with similar callings and a passion to reach the lost, I am willing to relocate anywhere as long as God is CENTER and in all of it, I will sing anything as long as it brings Glory to God. Let me know if you are interested. Please call or email Jordan.
1/7/2001 | WA | 425-343-9494 |

New Ads as of 1/6/01

Lead guitarist in Bellevue, Washington looking for Christian musicians (vox,
keys, bass, drums) for a melodic, operatic, progressive rock/metal project
along the lines of Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Queensryche, and Fate's
Warning.  This non-denominational project will be devoted to glorifying the
name of Jesus Christ and open to musicians of all ages.  Influences: Criss
Oliva, Chris DeGarmo, Marty Friedman, Jim Matheos, Yngwie Malmsteen, George
Lynch, Ludwig von Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi.  If interested, e-mail Charles
Smith at

Do you love Jesus?  Do you love music?   Do you live in or around the East SF
Bay Area?  Then consider joining me, a female singer/songwriter, and my very
accomplished keyboardist and drummer in forming a kickin band.   Our vision
is to gig monthly, rehearse weekly, and record a CD with all original
contemporary Christian pop music.  Age range from 30 - 50.  We are looking
for accomplished musicians who love God, and want to share Him through music
on a weekend basis. Email if interested in auditioning.

I am a fourteen year old female vocalist/keyboard-piano player. I would like to join a band in the Lehigh Valley Area (Pennsylvania) I sing/play mostly comtemperary and gospel christian music

Ads as of 12/20/00

Christian Drummer of 14 years is looking for a serious rock band in the vein of Grammatrain. Wanting to do something great for the cause of Christ. Contact Mark B Lawless - Russell Springs, Ky (but willing to travel about),

I am a bass player who is looking to put together a group of hardcore musicians that have pro equip. and are serious about writing, recording, and ministering for through music to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ! There is a serious need out there for intelligent music that will reach the multitudes. I have 20+ yrs. experience on stage,recording, and writing music. I sing lead as well as backup vocals. I'm originally from So. California and relatively new to No. California. I live in Roseville, which is about 20 min. from Sacramento. I have an eclectic taste for music. My preference in writing and playing lies in the influence of Creed, Kings X, Rush, and Kansas! If you fit the above description, have a love for the Lord, the lost and are serious about doing it God's way, E-mail me at There is no place for egos here! I need musicians that have the heart of a LION and a servants attitude. I am loo! king for a lead vocalist, a guitarist, and a drummer. God bless all of you out there and keep using your talents for the LORD!12/20/00

The Good News Blues Band is in need of a dedicated keyboard player with a
heart to serve in  music evangelism! Opportunities to play correctional
facilities, coffeehouses, church outreach and special events. Demo
Available. Contact Steve at: (408) 233-9389 or email :


Cristian Bassist Seeking Christian Band. Have Gear And Experience. Age 30.
Located In S.O.C. Desired Music Style-Passionate!!!!! email:

My name is Michael Tyler and I am a drummer in the San Francisco East Bay
Area (Walnut Creek, CA) and Iım interested in joining a band, forming a
band, or playing for a singer/songwriter.
Check out my web site at :
If youıre interested, e-mail me at

The Good News Blues Band is looking for a dedicated experienced blues
harmonica player with a heart for outreach ministry. Opportunities to play
correctional facilities, community events, coffeehouses/clubs and recording
projects. We are located in Santa Clara,Ca. Influences: Glen Kaiser, Eric
Clapton, Freddie King, Darrell Mansfield and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Contact
Steve Gaeta at: (408) 233-9389 or email me at :

I am putting together a band, whose focus will be on, Black Gospel and
Contemporary Christian Music
We are in need of a Drummer, Bass Player, Keyboard Player, Sax and Horns,
We will also be holding Auditions for vocalist.
So far the members live in Gilroy, Prundale, and Santa Clara, California
We have no problem traveling, within reason of course  California, 408 847 3807,   contact Rinney,  email. or 10/10/00

I am a seasoned jazz guitarist. I play other styles too, as well as, sing. I
work in the secular music business, primarily. I am looking for a female
singer that plays an instrument to work with me on a full-time basis. I am
located in south Florida. If you are a good musician, experience is
Please, contact James at:
                                            or call (954)943-9290

Newly developing Contemporary Christian band in S. FLa. (Hollywood / Ft
Lauderdale area)(Together 1 year Bi weekly sessions and recently lost a key
player )
Presently :one Guitarist/singer/writer & co-writer, a bassist, and a quality
seasoned pro. drummer. (ea.involved in a local Church)
 WE are in the process of building a sound system and have key components.
Have a regular Air-conditioned place to Practice / Jam.
Prayerfully seeking (Male or female) musicians.
1. a guitarist Rythum& or lead who can sing
2. a Keyboard Player / singer
*** We have done a few up-beat Praise & worship gigs w/ a few of our original
Potential hit originals.   Styles are Varied from Praise to Rock, ballad, and
***Our goals are to develop & produce Jammin christian music that provokes
christian growth and praise towards Jesus our God in  a CD, Minnister locally
with our original contemp. Christian material , seek more publicity as the
Lord makes Possible.
***************** interested? ,,,, Contact  Ray


Detroit area Singer/guitarist and drummer seek bass
and lead guitar or other solo instrumentalist to
complete funk/rock group.  Youth ministry is the
focus.  We are professional musicians, serious,
mature, and ready to follow God's call to evangelize
and equip a revival generation.  Please contact Kelly

Tucson Arizona.  Bass player and male vocalist looking to form or join
serious Christian band. Need drummer, guitarist and keyboardist. Please email
Aaron at 10/10/00

    "Sweet Wreck Society", an original, powerful and melodic band in northwest indiana seeks level headed, experienced, and most definatly imaginative drummer and 2nd guitarist (vocal ability a plus) for studio and live performance. pleanty of material, and a VERY affordable analogue studio to record in. if your serious and want to get in on the ground floor of some great music call 219-926-4342...ask for john, or write jonshan@netnitco.net10/10/00

Mindrage, out of Little Rock, AR is looking for a drummer. They are a metal band and their influences range from Soul Fly to SlipKnot to Tool. The bass player and his wife are willing to house an out of state drummer. Mindrage has played at Cornerstone on the HM stage, Tom Fest in Washington. They also opened for POD's new cd release party in Little ROck. They  currently have successful record companies looking at them. If you would like to find out more about them go to or their website at Write to Nick at 10/10/00


"Hi, we're Grand Opening, a christian brit-power-pop band seeking musicians,
namely a bass-player and drummer *urgent* and possibly another guitarist and a
keyboard player.  We have about 10 songs ready, all about the joy of knowing
the Lord and His promise to us.  Our influences are many: All Star United, The
Wannadies, Suede, Blur, Audio Adrenaline, the Beatles and a lot more.  We're
thankful to God for giving us such a passion for music and want to enjoy it
with you.  You can contact us through email at or  Thank you and God bless you."

Central/East Central Indiana-Guitar player, singer, songwriter looking for
Drummer, bassist, lead guitar and maybe violin, flute, or keys. 25-30
Lyrically thoughtful, acoustic songs needing other instruments for
arrangement. Desire is to Worship God through playing, Fulfill the great
commission through music, develop a tight sound to take on the road. Contact
Matt Rosenbaum at


I am a singer/songwriter/guitar player looking for the bandmembers god would
have me to work with, collaborate writing ect. I'm interested in doing gigs
in the bay area or possibly in other areas and eventually doing a
professional CD project w/ a professional producer. Please pray about it
first.. and contact me at, thanks so much Eric Alan
Stubbs. 7/31/00

Pro NYC Bass Player available for working situation.
-I have over 20 years experience performing from local clubs to major
international tours as well as TV/recording sessions/etc.....
-I am seeking a funky,soulful pop R&B/Gospel-influenced situation.
-Serious Pros only.


Looking for Christian musicians in the Scranton Pa area. Started putting
songs together but need vocalist and possibly another guitarist to record
a full length studio album. Music is techno/metal/goth. Interested
persons can e-mail me at 7/31/00

People im a Christian Guitarist and Singer in the Mosesto (Oakdale )
California area
have pro equipment  acoustic and electric and have a strong voice for lead or
backup.  Pray and if God has you E- me at

NEEDED: drummer, bass player, and keyboard player to complete the stage
line-up of "DAILY WALK,"  a new christian band in Fairfield, Ca.  CD in the
works.  Style, Dave Matthews Band, Santana, Jars of Clay etc.
Contact Dave Parker.  E-mail: (707)255-5046 7/31/00

     My name is J. Matthew Rosenbaum. I play guitar/sing/write in the
Indianapolis, Muncie Indiana area. I am looking for others to form a group
who want to do lyrically thoughtful acoustic music. Influences are: 3rd Day,
The Late Rich Mullins, Sparks, Jars of Clay, The Choir, Violet Burning,
Jennifer Knapp etc.
     I am looking for bassist, possibly drummer, lead guitar, open to other
instruments like, violin, flute, piano percussion. Starting serious ministry
with a threefold purpose. 1. Worship God through music. 2. Share the message
of the Gospel. 3. Have an incredible amount of fun.
     I am working as if this were a full time ministry with the hopes that
God opens that door. I am not seeking a big name label or a huge record
deal. If God opens the doors for that fine, but it is possible to be full
time and not be signed to a Major Label. Whatever God's design is will be
right with me. My email is

My group is called SOUL SHAKER.7/31/00

I'm looking for musicians in the San Francisco area who are serious about
music but more serious about Yesu! I'm a singer/poet/Celtic whistle player
(and sometimes guitar) who wants to form a band or colaborate with some like
minded people.  I moved back to the area from London a year and a half ago
and am ready to get back into the scene. Influences = almost everything but
particualarly: U2-Seal-Jars-Dave Matthews-3rd Day etc. etc. I'm really
looking for a group of people who can take there combined influences and
merge them into something new. If you're into this email me: 7/31/00

Hi, I am looking to start or join a christian metal band in Central Ill or
the St Louis area.  I am a drummer and vocalist ( though not at the same
time).  I would like to do something along the lines of Kyuss or Amorphis or
Fates Warning.
John Lazarus


My name is Eric, and I am a singer song writer. I write alternative rock songs with
a christian message. I want keep my music current sounding. DJ's Techno,
ambient, 7 string guitars etc. I like the powerful sounds of Korn, Limp Biscuit,
Rage against the Machine, Alice in chains ... etc. I also like more melodic and folky
alternativestuff like Hooty and the blowfish -- yes new age is also good.
I do not want to create music that "preaches to the choir." My music
must address the times and the masses force and compassion.
The music I propose preaches as a greek to the greeks and a jew to the jews. It is not
praise and worship music designed for kids. It is music with a missionand a message.
I play guitar, bass, sing and write. If you are in the South Bay andhave experience
at least 2 years experience playing and performing please write me.
I am looking for committed, together people. No bad habits, drugs, sexaddictions etc.
Must be self-supporting in terms of transportation, substance, shelterand sustenance.
I need persons who will practice and be on time. I intend to make big
impact andtherefore I will inevitably be on the road. Focus and commitment areeverything.
Count the costs, and don't look back. I look forward to hearing fromyou. ERIC.


mflogo_trans 238x60

"New Creations" an eight piece contempory christian group in the Vallejo
area is looking for a guitarist/vocalist with a Godly heart to be part of
this established group and minister to all Gods people through rhythm and
    contact John Brazil at (707) 645-1114 or e-mail 7/31/00


Hi, we're an all-girl alterna-pop band based in Pasadena, California (a
suburb just outside of Los Angeles).  We believe our ministry is to the
Lost.  We have been praying for a Christian female bassist and now drummer.
Distance is inconsequential because we believe that if you're the one that
the Lord has to be in this band, He will make a way!  May the Lord continue
to bless your ministry!  Thanks for reading!  Here is our web site if you're

Name:  Kristy Jones
Contact: 7/31/00

Bassist located in Atlanta looking to possible join Christian band in the area... and yes, I have experience playing virtually all types of music. (no country western, please)  Established and experienced bands preferred.   Thanks.
email 7/31/00

Christian Female Lead Vocalist (mid alto hopefully) with strong voice is
needed for a rock Praise/Worship ministry with a late 60's early 70's sound.
Worship exp. is desired. Under age 26. We are looking for people who are
called by God to this kind of ministry. We desire to lead people into the
presence of the Lord and to see God bring renewal to the church through
intimacy in worship. All lyrics are praise and prayer. Located in the Orange
County area of California. For more inf call (714) 979-6548 email me at 7/31/00

Halo Project is currently seeking an experienced drummer for 70s-80s style Christian rock. We perform original material. We need someone who will be dedicated to this group and its objectives. Guitarists influences are from: Rush, UFO, April Wine, Mother's Finest, Mahogany Rush, Paris, Triumph, Legs Diamond, Kansas, Boston, and the list goes on. We want to make an impact for the Lord in the Dallas area.   7/31/00

MINDRAGE, a metal/hardcore band out of Little Rock, AR, is looking for a drummer. They are losing their drummer and our about to be signed to a major christian label so they need one badly! please contact Brooke at >   7/31/00

OUTTA THE BLUE is auditioning keboardists/vocalists to replace a member who recently followed the Lord in deciding to leave the band to devote more time to family and church music ministries. OUTTA THE BLUE is a San Francisco Bay Area blues-rock Christian band that focuses on the Lord, and provides straight-ahead, no-nonsense music as a vehicle to transport the message. 1. Style influences (thumbnail sketch for the sake of brievity): · OUTTA THE BLUE has a definite broad-based rock n' roll foundation · A healthy dose of Chicago blues for grit · Southern blues provides soul · Latin influences for texture · And, OUTTA THE BLUE's own individual stylizations blended together to form a unique, and interesting sound in its all original songs. 2. OUTTA THE BLUE has many offers to play in the Bay Area, and even had to turn some down when it was the right thing to do. Please contact the undersigned if you feel you may be interested in discussing further. The Lord is good!


I'm looking to put together a christian a cappella group in the San Jose/Santa Clara area. I would like a mixture of men and women with strong vocal abilities, some with choreography talents, and the ability to mimic instruments. I'm open to introducing a band into the picture (I love the black gospel sound) when needed. If you're interested, please send me an email at

Brass and Saxes Wanted - San Jose, CA I'm looking for musicians, in the area of San Jose, California to join our band at a nondenominational Christian Church to play for contemporary worship services and community outreach. We play a variety of music, primarily jazz and big band arrangements of hymns and contemporary praise and worship tunes. For more information, please e-mail Eric at

Christian female vocalist
looking for others to collaborate on songwriting with.
Have started a recording project,
and currently ministering at churches in the area.
In San Jose, CA.

BASS PLAYER NEEDED: Between the age of 14 and 30 years of age for cutting edge worship teams. Heart a must. Will disciple skill level if the right person. Ventura California area.
Ask for Bruce Martin Phone # (805) 642-4953
Bruce Martin