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           THE NEWS                                                



Cover Story is no longer together. Each member is being called in slighty different ministry directions. Keep an eye out for links on this page as to what they are each doing now. We'd like to thank everyone that ever put on or went to one of our shows. We had a blast doing them and they would not have been possible without your support. This site will keep going as a memorial and history page.

In his service,

Cover Story

Cover Story has MP3's and real audio versions of 3 of their songs.
Go to to Download them at  Flicker Records

 We just got back from Laytonville, California.  They treated us to great food and fellowship. We had a great Time! We'd like to personally Thank Pastor Jack , Matt Davenport, Chris Kanani and everyone else (you know who you are) that made Jesus Jam 2000 a success. We hope to play there again sometime. Laytonville Assembly of GOD YOU ROCK!!!

Make sure you check out our concert dates page we might be playing somewhere near you!!

You can get Cover Story the Demo CD for $7.00 including S/H email for more info.

CHECK OUT THE "New and Improved" band pics page with lots of live concert pics!!!